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It was great!

Holliday : 08-06-2011
Rental Winterberg : Eline
Message from : Pascal en Christa

We have enjoyed the stay very much! The weather was beautiful and we can run pretty well in the area. Also been a while since we were in Winterberg (for me 3 years and 7 years ago, Christa). Nice to see how the square in the center is now completely finished. Especially the terrace with the sunset (with the new building) is very nice! The cottage was perfect again, Chris was very pleased with the Dutch channels! Thanks and till next time!

Holliday : 07-05-2011
Rental Winterberg : Lisette
Message from : Harold Nagel

Late last night after a day of shopping came back from a midweek stay at Apartment Lisette in Winterberg. The Apartment is neat, clean, fully equipped and spacious enough for 6 people. Especially the DVD Najib Amhali fell for a night at home in good soil. Even if there is no snow in Winterberg, there is much to do: kletterwald the pain of it just a bit about, but we can proudly say that we all have 4 climbing routes traveled. The view from the Panorama on Bridge is great, but full in the wind is fresh. The Wildlife Park in Willingen for 9, - euro entrance a fun and affordable day out for your family. Feathered we spent enjoying the beautiful walks on the Kahle - Asten. There is so much more to see and we definitely come back

Holliday : 11-04-2011
Rental Winterberg : Eline
Message from : Anita matthijssen

Just returned from a lovely relaxing weekend in Winterberg Eline. Everything was desired, and 1 of us was particularly happy with wifi. Next time again to do but with snow, now it was our Summermountain, but nothing to complain.

Holliday : 12-03-2011
Rental Winterberg : Eline
Message from : Amy, Jessie en Jacqueline

We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the inside Apartment ..... quite wide, nice and clean! Totally awesome! When we arrived the sun was shining and the weather was delightful. To the delight of my daughters there was still snow on the slopes. They have used it with pleasure. A supermarket nearby and a great pizzeria. What a nice little town Winterberg. Unfortunately we already have the holiday break due to health. But the Apartment, we strongly recommend.

Holliday : 08-03-2011
Rental Winterberg : Lisette
Message from : M. van der Westen

We arrived home safely and we had a couple of nice days in Winterberg. The apartment looks fine. Too bad there was no snow. It is a must for anyone who wants a weekend break.

Holliday : 02-03-2011
Rental Winterberg : Eline
Message from : Vojkan

We have certainly entertained and the Apartment was great! No complaints on our part. Thank you for everything!

Holliday : 09-03-2011
Rental Winterberg : Eline
Message from : Q. de Berk

It was fantastic. We had great weather and the people are so neat and nice. Next time we will stay with you again.

Holliday : 27-02-2011
Rental Winterberg : Eline
Message from : Ilse van Asperen

Everything was fine again! We had lots of skiing, just some rain today. Looking forward to next time, I will send the keys.

Holliday : 24-02-2011
Rental Winterberg : Eline
Message from : Arda en Jan de Groot

We have had a very good time in your Apartment. It was spacious and clean and very complete. Conveniently close to downtown: great! A very small point: maybe, especially in the summer, a freezer is handy. Now we have not missed it. All in all we enjoyed your Apartment and Winterberg and fully worth repeating. Many thanks and kind regards,

Holliday : 27-02-2011
Rental Winterberg : Lisette
Message from : Jos en Theresia

Yesterday we went back from a sunny Winterberg and after a prosperous voyage arrived back in rainy Netherlands. We had a wonderful week and were able to ski all day. The Apartment extremely pleased with us. Everything was there and that is sometimes different. But again it was a great week which we remember with great pleasure.

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